It's All Connected

You build the vital infrastructure that connects people and places. We’ve built a GIS enabled software platform that finally connects the teams and tasks required for successful completion. Meet Vitruvi™

Real Time = Real Control

Those managing infrastructure construction over large areas involving multiple locations face a common problem: the lag time in getting accurate and verifiable updates from the field. Vitruvi allows you to manage projects in real time – through interactive, time saving collaboration tools, advanced reporting and more.

Project Team

"We all use different project tools, so we’re not always on the same page."

The Vitruvi Solution

A single, collaborative platform for project managers, engineers, construction managers, executive and clients – containing all details, deliverables and reporting.

Project Managers

"I need to know where progress and costs are at today. Not next week."

The Vitruvi Solution

No more waiting weeks for key updates. Same-day field reporting ensures project is on track, eliminating unexpected surprises.


"How do I know installations were done to our specifications?"

The Vitruvi Solution

When an installation is completed, the construction manager submits photos for review and sign off: ensuring greater quality control and accountability.

Construction Managers

"Once a project is completed I want it quickly approved so I can invoice."

The Vitruvi Solution

The ability to submit final reports and photo verification of completions greatly expedites billing. Paperwork that once took hours can be done in 10 minutes.


"How can we optimize projects to gain or maintain a competitive edge?"

The Vitruvi Solution

Data-rich reporting and analytic tools help assess efficiency, identify areas requiring improvement, provide predictability and guide broader business strategies.

Are You Ready?

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Manage all Your Work in one Place

Vitruvi isn’t design software. It isn’t an integration dashboard. It’s what we refer to as a Workface Management Software. Our advanced web & mobile platform acts as the central interface between your Engineering/ Design software, your Financial Accounting system, and your workforce in the field.

After importing your project design, Vitruvi will automatically generate a total scope of work for your project. The detailed planning, scheduling, estimating and costing that used to take weeks to create can now be done accurately in minutes.

Vitruvi performs and manages all critical tasks related to your project, including:

Estimating | Permit Tracking | Scheduling | Tickets & Escalations | As-Built Data | A/P & A/R Reconciliation | Revenue Recognition | Fielding | Specifications & Standards | Production Reporting | Quality Assurance | Safety

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