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Why We Built Vitruvi™

What’s the biggest worry for those responsible for building repeatable infrastructure projects over large geographical areas?

Not knowing what you need to be worrying about.

The standard delays in field reporting leave decision makers continually feeling one step behind: never entirely sure if the project is on track, or if there are any critical problems or setbacks. This lag between the field and the front office can leave project managers, executives and engineers in a state of limbo. When I was in this role, the sense of never being fully in control kept me awake at night… knowing the responsibility was squarely on my shoulders.

The other big challenge involves accurate and timely invoicing and payment processing based on verified as-built completions. This affects both the construction company and contractors alike.

That’s why we created Vitruvi: to be your “source of truth” on large, multi-location projects.

Our integrated telecom construction management platform is designed to provide accurate, verifiable, real-time updates between those doing the work and those responsible for its successful execution. Vitruvi harnesses cloud-based technology and best-practices in project management to create a much-needed solution to the challenges that have long confronted construction projects of scale.

How does Vitruvi help you excel?

Project Managers & Engineers:
Vitruvi allows Project Managers to get away from feeling like highly paid data clerks and instead focus on delivering high-value strategy and results. It allows engineers to receive as-builts in real-time, with the confidence the job was done right.

Construction Managers:
It provides field crews with a simple, standardized solution to guide work and verify completions, which can allow billing to be submitted as soon as the work is done. Paperwork that used to take over and hour can now be submitted in less than 10 minutes!

Executives & Marketers:
Finally, it allows executives to know if a project is on track – and if not – where to deploy resources and risk management. By bringing greater predictability around completions, Vitruvi informs marketers when they can start ramping up sales efforts.

In creating Vitruvi, we’ve drawn on our own real-world experiences to bring greater control, accountability and predictability to construction projects over large geographical areas.

Together, we are working with industry to connect the teams that connect the world.

Bryan McIver
Founder & CEO

Our Mission

To develop engaging software that enables our users to deliver quality projects at scale.

Key Problems Vitruvi Was Created to Solve

Managing Large Volumes of Construction and Engineering Data

Vitruvi provides a single, consolidated platform to replace the multitude of homegrown solutions and spreadsheets (that can number in the thousands on a large deployment). It allows multiple user groups to collaborate using the most current and accurate information in real-time – so the entire team is on the same page.

Integrating Key Data Between Enterprise Information Systems

Project design, planning and construction involves information from multiple platforms, such as GIS, CAD, financial accounting, enterprise schedule and inventory management systems. Vitruvi integrates all data into one common system, ensuring data integrity and decision making are not compromised due to missing information or delayed communication cycle time.

Provide a Common Platform to Coordinate and Inform all Stakeholders

Geospacially diverse construction programs involve multiple stakeholders: executives, project managers, field crews, network owners, engineers, financial managers, all levels of government and multiple right of way owners. By coordinating these stakeholders, Vitruvi helps maximize communication to keep projects moving with greater ease, efficiency and predictability.

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Experience the only truly unified construction management solutions for projects covering large geographical areas.

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