Where We Started

Vitruvi™ has lived the challenges our customers face. By establishing a remarkable team, we’ve fused real-world client-side experience with leadership in software development – to revolutionize the way large scale construction & infrastructure projects are built.

Where We Are Going

Vitruvi is creating a new category. In the process, we’re rethinking the corporate campus concept in favour of a collaborative, integrated remote work model that attracts innovators and problem-solvers from around the world. Does that sound like you?
Apply…your potential

Vitruvi™ Core Values

Vitruvi’s corporate culture is guided by our core values. We’re seeking individuals who share these values and our commitment to developing successful people and successful communities.


We believe in doing the right thing, no matter the cost. This involves:
  • Honesty
  • Ethical Behaviour
  • Delivering on Our Promises
"When a team member has a task to complete, management trusts us to work through it ourselves. Knowing that if we get lost or need help, the leadership team is there to support us. We have the ability to openly communicate, at all levels of the company. There is trust at all levels at Vitruvi and I love being part of a team like that."
Jordan Neustaeter, Customer Success


We actively demonstrate our value and appreciation of others. We achieve this by:
  •  Listening with the intent of being influenced
  •  Act like none of us is as smart as all of us
  •  Serving others to succeed
  •  Demonstrating gratitude
"At Vitruvi, one of our core values that continues to excite me is people. This is demonstrated right from the beginning of the hiring process and throughout the company each and every day. There is something powerful about an organization that respects each individual wholeheartedly."
Kayla Dewane, Corporate Services


We continuously raise standards & exceed expectations by:
  • Thinking big and pushing the boundary of what is possible
  • Producing deliverables of exceptional quality
  • Using and advancing the best technology
  • Thriving on constructive feedback
  • Allowing greatness to come out of failure
"Something I noticed right away when I started at Vitruvi is the way people take and offer constructive criticism. Everyone is striving for excellence, and the team is very open about communicating their thoughts and opinions in a healthy way. I’ve worked in other companies where feedback is given top-down, but at Vitruvi feedback comes from everyone on the team."
Mike Buss, Development Team


Together, we overcome adversity to achieve success. This requires that we:
  • Live with courage
  • Demonstrate initiative
  • Take risks
  • Act like an owner
"One of my coworkers and I felt we were struggling in our working relationship and wondered what we could do to improve. We reached out to the leadership team for assistance, set a meeting, identified the issues, and committed to finding solutions. Things are great now!"
Jessica Racanelli, Development Team


We attain success by clearly defining and achieving our goals. This is accomplished by:
  • Pursuing customer loyalty
  • Being a steward for our resources
  • Recognizing and celebrating our wins
  • Providing everyone with a scoreboard
“Our core values aren’t just wall decorations. At every level, you will find people engaging with customers, vendors, and other team members with our values at top of mind. In order to achieve success, our strategic plan is accessible to all our team members for them to understand the focus and goals for the coming year. This helps us understand what the score is, what the goals are, and how to get there as a team."
Victoria Harris, People Services

We Are All Servant Leaders

As a member of the Vitruvi team, you will be part of a driven, collaborative, high-performance culture that brings out your best – and the best in others around you. We measure our individual success in terms of our ability to contribute to the success and growth of the people and the communities we serve. It’s a business model built around the concept of Servant Leadership.
Vitruvi culture

"No matter the distance between us, our culture of collaboration and inclusion, our shared values, and our collective commitment to our clients’ success bring us together.”

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