Vitruvi Core Values


"Do the right thing, no matter
what the cost."

  • Be honest
  • Do what you say you will do
  • Be ethical


"Demonstrate that people are
of value."

  • Listen with the intent of being influenced
  • Act like none of us is as smart as all of us
  • Serve others to success
  • Demonstrate gratitude


"Continuously exceed
the standard."

  • Think big and push the boundary of what
    is possible
  • Produce deliverables of exceptional quality
  • Use and advance the best technology
  • Thrive on constructive feedback
  • Allow greatness to come out of failure


"Overcome adversity to
achieve success."

  • Be courageous
  • Demonstrate initiative
  • Take risks
  • Act like an owner


"Clearly define and achieve
our goals"

  • Pursue customer loyalty
  • Steward our resources well
  • Recognize and celebrate our wins
  • Provide everyone with a scoreboard

We hold these values in such high regard that all Vitruvi team members receive mandatory training in “Value-Based Leadership”.

Building Lasting Relationships Through
Dynamic Connections

Connected with Builders and Innovators

Vitruvi™ is continually working to establish strong, engaged relationships with the companies responsible for building the telecommunication networks and infrastructure of today—and tomorrow.

As a Vitruvi™ client, you are connected with a partner who is committed to:

  • Ensuring your success, and growing alongside you.
  • Understanding your business, and earning your loyalty.
  • Providing legendary service and support as your needs evolve.

"The more connected teams are - and the more collaboratively they work - the more productive and engaged they will be.”

“this applies to our own business"

Connected With Our People and Partners

The more connected teams are – and the more collaboratively they work – the more productive and more engaged they will be. This applies to our own business. We have sought to attract the best people in the world to build a diverse and highly skilled team.
We seek to attract people who:

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