From Conception To Connection

It takes a team to connect a community. Vitruvi™ connects those teams with advanced features and functionality to streamline processes, enhance efficiency, and improve results.

We’ve Been in Your Shoes. We Had to do Things The Hard Way.
We Created Vitruvi™ so You Don’t Have to.

The Vitruvi Way

All horizontal infrastructure construction projects follow well established processes. Vitruvi™ has been designed with advanced features that bring greater efficiency, control, collaboration, and predictability to these processes. What’s more, Vitruvi™ provides a bridge between these processes – ensuring everyone is on the same page, at all times.

“Vitruvi™ has been designed with advanced features that bring greater efficiency, control, collaboration, and predictability to these processes. ”

Meet Vitruvi

Network Design & Premise Management

Upload and import GIS design from any platform, connect premises, and link GIS design elements to the entire work breakdown structure through one simple platform.


Resource & Schedule Management

Manage field staff, deploy projects, check for crew effectiveness and availability, and view project updates in real time.


Financial Management

View budgets as they’re updated and reflected in real-time, dynamically reconcile accounts payable and receivable, or even assess project costs – all from a single software platform.


Field Reporting

Make and manage tickets, enable crews to update production data from their mobile device, integrate field reporting directly with scheduling and budget updates, and monitor progress at your convenience.


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Greater control. No matter the role.


Benefits: Full Mobile Access, Quicker Approvals, Faster Billing

Legacy reporting systems mean that by the time a project update hits your desk, the data might already be close to a month old. Worse yet, valuable project data can get lost in translation making accurate forecasting a nightmare. Vitruvi’s streamlined platform eliminates these costly system delays and uploads data from the worksite straight to your screen. Real time data for real results.

Project Managers

Benefits: Real-time Updates, Collaboration, Mitigates Risk

Import and manage CAD drawings, GIS maps, budgets, reports, track equipment availability, and assign work all from one software. Stay on top of progress and identify problems with same-day updates from the field. Did we mention that it comes as a mobile app as well? Experience Vitruvi™, a project management tool made for project managers.

Construction Managers

Benefits: Full Mobile Access, Quicker Approvals, Faster Billing

Sizeable projects mean sizeable crews. Minimize the margins of error that come with large-scale reporting through Vitruvi™. View production data. Upload photos of project concerns, completed work, and field reports in real-time – directly through the Vitruvi™ mobile app. Streamlined and easy to use, this GIS enabled software allows you to view what’s happening anywhere at any time. Plus, quicker reporting and approvals helps expedite invoicing.

Financial Managers

Benefits: Cost Tracking, Timely Billing, Accountability

A project’s financial status shouldn’t be a mystery. Monitor billing in real time, with the assurance of automated checks and balances for issuing and tracking progress payments. View production data and monitor budget usage across all areas for accurate profitability projections. It’s like you’re onsite without leaving the office.


Benefits: Enhanced QA/QC, Documentation, Drawings to Tasks

Remove unnecessary administrative hassles with the Vitruvi™ software. Input fieldwork straight to your system of records, manage as-built’s, convert drawings to actionable tasks, and check equipment availability all from the convenience of your mobile phone. Verification photos from the field provide confidence the job was done correctly.

Project Owners

Benefits: Predictability, Reporting, Planning

Large, multi-location network and utility construction projects have a lot of moving parts—and risks, but it doesn’t have to be so complicated. With Vitruvi™, permitting can be approved directly through the software saving weeks of back and forth. Premise, crew, and landowner management is streamlined through one source, and budgeting is easier than ever with live resource monitoring.

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