Field Reporting

Empower crews with the technology to create and manage tickets from their phones, improve safety compliance, and track project progress. Discover the tools to help you manage more projects and less paperwork.

Explore Vitruvi’s field reporting features

Fielding & Pre-fielding

Vitruvi simplifies the fielding and pre-fielding process so field workers can assess and report any site concerns before the work begins. This is facilitated using the Vitruvi Mobile App. The app allows them to record and verify any work done on site.

Production Reporting/Field Reporting

Vitruvi’s reporting tools bridge the gap between front office and the field in two important ways:

First, Vitruvi allows project managers to easily assign work to a construction crew and provide all relevant data in one place. Second, it gives managers in the field tools to file reports and provide documentation directly, in real-time through the shared construction management platform. Instead of hours, this can be completed in minutes.

For project managers, engineers and project owners this brings greater understanding, control, accountability and predictability. For the construction manager in the field, it provides a way to verify work has been completed so invoices can be submitted in a timely manner. It is a win-win solution for both sides.

Tickets & Escalations

The ability to immediately identify and address construction priorities and concerns – and bring any issues to the attention of those “who need to know” – is another way Vitruvi helps keep projects on track. Tickets and Escalations allow teams to arrive at solutions in a timely, collaborative and proactive manner. The ability to document escalations with photo support allows for greater understanding, and improves decision making. The ticketing engine can also be applied to any entity across the entire platform, including work orders, tasks, invoices, and more.


Safety is as much a concern in the front office as it is in the field. Vitruvi’s ability to document all onsite safety requirements and hazards, and share them with the field supervisor, makes it an important instrument in your OH&S toolkit. Undocumented hazards identified in the field can be shared through tickets. Add Vitruvi’s built-in processes for safety approvals, and you have a single-source compliance tool.

More convenience for better compliance. Make it easier than ever for your team to provide accurate reporting.

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