Network Design &
Premise Management

Full GIS-integration is woven throughout the entire software so you can upload or import GIS-designs any time, from any platform. Designed by engineers, tested by field workers, and loved by executives.

Discover Vitruvi’s network design and premise management features.

Engineering & Design (Specifications & Standards)

Vitruvi provides the flexibility to easily upload Engineering Designs and specifications from any platform. This provides single-point access for office and field staff alike.

Quality Assurance

Does the completed work adhere to the design specification? Do any as-built variances meet approvals? With Vitruvi’s QA tools, you have proof the job was done right – including the ability to add/mandate photo documentation. Project Managers and Engineers can sign-off on projects with confidence. Project owners can be assured their brand’s high standards will be met. Site supervisors can verify they have done their job, submit all invoices, and move onto their next assignment.

As-Built Data

The reality of construction is that the as-built product may or may not precisely match the original Engineering Design. Vitruvi provides a ‘single source of truth’, to easily and accurately document the actual construction. Any variances will be updated and attached to the Design Element. Auto-generated Work from as-builts automatically link to accounting payables (eg. Labor and Materials) job, submit all invoices, and move onto their next assignment.

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