Resource &
Schedule Management

Deploy projects and see real time updates. Easily view the availability, effectiveness, and status of crews and materials— all from your mobile phone. Discover a single source of truth for project resources.

Explore Vitruvi’s resource & schedule management features.


Vitruvi has been designed with powerful scheduling tools that ensure all team members are informed of tasks, baselines, due dates milestones and more. It monitors if tasks are on schedule and identifies the impact of a delay on other dependent items within the schedule.

Permit Tracking

Vitruvi helps streamline the permitting process and prevent oversights that can set a project back by improving documentation and reporting. Keep permitting details and updates all in one place to prevent unnecessary paperwork.

Work Assignment & Tracking

Assigning and monitoring specific work assignments for one or multiple crews (or individuals) across the project is a breeze. Assignments are received in real-time, and work packages include clearly-defined deliverables and two-way status updates. Vitruvi provides the flexibility you need and the functionality you demand.

Materials Management

Vitruvi is an all-in-one materials management planning and tracking solution. It provides a detailed account of all materials that will be required, and those that have been used. Materials can be conveniently tracked by a number of criteria, including: location, forecast and installed. If there are changes, materials are updated to the design to reflect as-builts.

People Management

It can be challenging coordinating staff and construction crews on one site – let alone a project that spans vast geographical areas and hundreds (if not thousands) of work sites. Vitruvi is designed to provide an easier way to manage all of the employees, subcontractors and crews on a single platform. Contact information, billing details, qualifications, pay rates… Vitruvi securely handles these details and more.

Predict and prevent costly delays, before they happen.

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